Hurricane Irma Damage Report

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Industrial Sunscreen Systems

September 2017
Hurricane Irma Damage Report
for Industrial Sunscreen Systems

     Damage from Hurricane Irma was extremely minimal. The screens themselves were undamaged from the storm itself. The only screen damage found was caused when the screen fell and laid on the top corner of the concrete wall, rubbing against concrete, causing a hole to tear. This was a result of the lacing rope, having torn and broken loose from the excessive winds and rains, allowing the screen to fall and lay on top of the concrete wall.

     Fortunately, the screen is repairable with a sewing patch kit, and no other serious damage was noted. The remainder of the screen materials were completely undamaged. No grommets had pulled out. No stitching appeared to be broken or ripped. No other failures were noted anywhere.

     The “weak link” in the system, appears to have been restricted to the rope. Although this rope is extremely high quality and very strong, it did eventually fatigue and fail from the strong hurricane winds, rain, and flying objects. Had this rope failure not happened, the screen would have sustained zero (O) damage.

     The solution to this problem is to replace the lacing rope with stainless steel cable. This will create a much stronger lacing system, able to withstand substantially stronger hurricane force winds, without the worry of rope fatigue and failure.

     My goal is to create a superior product that will not fail. While the rope replacement is quite expensive, it is necessary, in order to produce a quality system. The good news is that I will not include this increased expense as any “additional cost”, “extra cost”, “upgrade cost”, or otherwise raise the initial cost of my sunscreen systems.

     There is NO extra cost or increase in price for this change in material, as it will be included as part of the standard equipment on all sunscreen systems. This assures that only the very best and strongest, materials and components are used to create the most cost effective, long lasting, superior sunscreen system available.


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