Cost Saving Sheet

Cost Factor and Return Work Sheet

Below is an sample size and quote formula to help calculate your pay off time, cost savings, and future profit, for a ground level tank, with an existing railing and no obstructions.


Basic size (ex) 80’x80′ = 6400 sq ft. x $6.25 = $ 40,000

______   = ________    x $6.25 =  _____________


                 Annual chlorine cost (ex) $ 80,000    _____________

  A- If you saved 25% annually (ex) $ 20,000    _____________

  B-  Cost of screen (ex) $ 40,000    _____________

                       Divide A into B  (ex) = 2.0    _____________

It would take (ex)   2.0 years to recover the cost.

Then, the cost amount of (ex) $ 40,000. ___________ becomes an annual savings and profit.


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